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Kansa Foot Bowl  $12

using anise lotion & a bronze kansa bowl for a detoxifying foot massage, finished with a warm honey drizzle & warm towel

Foot Scrub  $10

exfoliate dry, rough skin with smoothing sugars and warm towel.

Organic Coconut Hands  $10

Hydrating organic lotion for your hand massage and encased in warming mitts for enhanced results.


Far,near and mid infrared sauna to help reduce stress, remove toxins, help manage pain.

Warming, relaxing heat. Same rays as the sun without the harmful UVA/UVB rays.  Same warming rays that hospitals use to warm newborn babies!

Enjoy before a facial or body treatment! Plan on an extra 35-55 min. Drink lots of water before and during.  Wear comfortable clothing, you will sweat! and a change of clothing or wear a towel in the sauna.

$10 visit-Check or cash only at this pricing

4 weeks- $30 month unlimited check or cash o